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The Unico System Small-Duct Central Heating & Air Conditioning



The Unico System

The Unico System Model 2430

Model 2430


Enjoy even temperatures.  The Unico System is available in four sizes.  Model 2430 requires a minimum of 12 outlets and is adaptable from 2 to 2.5 nominal tons.  Rest assured, regardless of your home or building's age, design or construction, the Unico System is designed to fit in.


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The Unico System
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The Unico System

The Unico System Offers Better Solutions for Renovation

The Unico System is the latest in add-on air conditioning technology.  The system utilizes high performance, flexible mini-ducts that easily fit behind walls and ceilings, which allows you to maintain the architectural integrity of your home or business.  The system is designed to be installed into existing construction and eliminate the need for unsightly and cumbersome metal ductwork.  The compact air handler can be installed in attics, basements or even in the closet!


Little Or No Remodeling

  • Flexible mini-ducts adapt easily through existing construction.
  • Conventional unsightly metal ducts are eliminated.


The Unico System Offers Better Efficiency

The Unico System is very easy to install, custom home applications are far more efficient and the system provides greater convenience to homebuilders.  The Unico System offers alternatives such as: heat pump, standard cooling, chilled water cooling and hot water heating.  Because the Unico System is completely sealed and does not use large registers which trap hair and dust, the air in your home is always fresh and clean.Removes 30% More Moisture than Conventional Systems


Removes More Moisture

  • Removes 30% more moisture than conventional systems.
  • Keeps the air in your home or business fresh and clean.
  • Better indoor comfort with reduced moisture in the air.


The Unico System Offers Better Performance

You will feel the superior comfort and performance of the Unico System and you'll hardly hear it.  The system is designed to absorb sound and provide quiet airflow for each individual outlet.  The outlets are available in paintable plastic or stainable wood and are small and subtle which allow them to blend in with any décor, whether installed in the ceiling, floor or walls.  There is never any streaking or staining of walls or ceilings like that of conventional metal registers.Less Noise


Less Noise, Matches Any Décor

  • Flexible ductwork is designed to absorb sound.
  • Outlets are small and subtle and blend in to any décor.


The Unico System Offers Even Temperatures In Any House

All across the USA, homeowners and business owners alike are enjoying the comfort and performance of the Unico System.  The Unico System is being utilized in many specialized commercial applications.  It makes no difference when your home or business location was built, or how it was constructed, the Unico System will fit it!  The Unico System has even been featured on several episodes of "This Old House" and has become an industry standard for superior heating and air conditioning.


Even Temperatures In Any House

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The Unico System



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